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General Bible Study: General Resources (Observation)

General Bible study resources for regular use by students and laypersons.

Word Study

   Word study is a process used to determine the meaining of a biblical word based upon its usage in scripture.  This process requires the use of an important category of reference resources, word study tools. This category includes concordances, lexicons, and wordbooks.

Commentary and Reference Survey

  This commentary and reference survey is a list (bibliography) of Bible Commentaries and reference works.  If you want to find a good commentary on a book of the Bible, consult this source.

General Reference Resources

   When studying the Bible it is a good idea to have general reference tools on hand.  These include such resources as study Bibles, dictionaries, and concordances.  When doing inductive Bible study, you can use these resources to answer the study questions so that you can interpret what a passage means and apply it to your life.

Study Bibles

  Study Bibles are great for inductive Bible study because they contain study notes supplied by established Bible scholars side-by-side with the text of scripture.  They also contain brief introductions to books of the Bible. These two are highly recommended because the introductions to the books of the Bible are substantial enough for everyday study.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

   You can use dictionaries and encyclopedias to look up key words or concepts that may need further research. Tough brief, the articles in these resources can greatly enhance your study of a passage. These are a few examples of Bible dictionaries/encyclopedias.  Such works can treat the whole Bible, either testament, or subjects within the Bible.  Kellar library has quite of few of these works; click here to see them listed in the catalog.

General Reference on the Web

   The web can be a great source for general reference information.  All-in-one Bible study sites offer free, though often outdated, reference sources.  There are also a number of older reference works that have been made available on the web.