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General Bible Study: Timeless Truths (Application)

General Bible study resources for regular use by students and laypersons.


"Is there something to praise God for?"

Sermons which proclaim a passage of scripture always find something to praise God for.  These selections are but a few examples of the Bible being applied in gospel preaching.

The Bible Applied

   The resources on this page have been selected because they exemplify different ways in which disciple-scholars and servants of our Lord have applied the timeless truths of holy scripture.  Here you will find theologies, historic Chrisitan confessions, books on ethics, devotional literature, sermons, collections of essays, and more.


"Is there a truth to believe?"  

Theology establishes truths to believe from the Bible.  Systematic, or doctrinal theology organizes the study of God into a system of subjects such as "God," "Creation," and "Salvation."  Biblical theology organizes the study of God in the order that scripture gives to the revelation of truth. This guide will give examples of systematic and biblical theology because they result from the application of scripture.

Is there is command to obey or a sin to confess?

Books a myriad of topics address the commands of scripture and help Christians apply them to their lives.  Here are just a few works on various topics which are derived from the commands of scripture.  Commands related to worship, church order (ecclesiology), purity of life, and missions are represented here.

Christian Ethics

"Is there an example to follow?"