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Ancient Biblical Manuscripts Online: Uncials

An up-to-date catalog of publicly available (and usable) ancient Biblical manuscripts, emphasizing those referenced in the textual apparatus of the GNT and that of the BHS.

GNT Uncials

   Here you will find links to manuscripts of New Testament Uncials referenced in the GNT Critical Apparatus.  If no link is present, it means that we have yet to discover one.  Please email Jacob Gucker if you would like to submit a link.

Uncials: General Resources

This page will be updated gradually with new links for each manuscript, but until this task is complete, we encourage you to help us out by searching for a manuscript using the following steps:

  1. Use Wikipedia's list of New Testament Uncials to find the institution where that manuscript is located and the manuscrupt number (For example: Harley 5537 at the British Library, London).

  2. Find the institution's web page and look to see if it has an ongoing manuscript digitization project -OR- 
    Use one of the resources below.

  3. Use the Manuscript number to search for the manuscript to verify if the institution has digitized it and made it available.

  4. Email Jacob Gucker with a link if you find one.

Uncials with Sigla

Subject Guide

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