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Electronic Resources: Google Sign-in for EBSCO

A guide to accessing and using the electronic databases and ebooks available to students.

EBSCO Login Credentials

Good News!

You can now log in to EBSCO Databases remotely using your BMATS Google Sign-in.

But first, you will need to login using the credentials provided to you on Moodle or via email.  

Click here to Login to EBSCO

How to Sign into EBSCO with Google


On the main page, click on the A-Z List

Click on the link to EBSCO, or choose one of the many EBSCO databases directly from this list.

After logging in with the aforementioned credentials, choose "Sign in with Google."

Choose your account.


Agree to the Personal Data Retention and Usage Policy


That's it! You're all set to use your Google account to access EBSCO databases. You can also enjoy the benefits of personalization via EBSCO without having to login twice.