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Electronic Resources: Electronic Books

A guide to accessing and using the electronic databases and ebooks available to students.

EBSCO eBooks

Search for E-books

Free Theology eBooks on the Web.

   These websites offer theological E-books for free.  Most of the books are not subject to copyright laws.

eBooks at BMATS

   The purpose of this page is to help you locate eBook texts available to BMATS students.  A wide variety of eBook are available to students at BMATs through EBSCO.  These books will appear in the card-catalog with a call number beginning with EB or EBKL.  Books with a call number beginning with EBKL belong to our own eBookcollection and have been selected with the needs of BMATs students in mind.  You can more easily search this collection directly by using the eBook search box to the left.  Or, go to the following link:



How to access EBSCO eBooks

Kellar Library CatalogThese titles have a call number beginning with EB or EBKL.  Within each of these records is a link to the book in the EBSCO database. When using the Kellar Library catalog on the Web, you can click this link and go straight to the EBSCO page, provided you are either on campus, or logged in.  

EBSCO eBooks: You must use the same login information for the eBook database as for EBSCO databases.  If you are a student, you can acquire these login credentials by calling the Library or via email.  You can read the eBook within EBSCO in your browser.  The eBooks in this collection can either be viewed online or downloaded to your computer or mobile device for offline use.  For instructions on how to download E-books to your device, look below.


In order to download eBooks to your computer or your Apple and Android devices, you will need an Adobe Digital Editions account.

For computer:

  1. Download the Adobe Digital Editions application
  2. Create an Adobe ID.
  3. Authorize your computer to view material associated with your ID.
  4. Download books directly from the Ebsco E-books database.

For Mobile: 

  1. Download the Ebsco eBooks App for your device (IOS or Android).
  2. Input your Adobe ID username and password.
  3. Authorize your device to view material associated with your ID.
  4. You can select books on the Ebsco ebooks database site or find them within the app.
  5. To find them within the app you must select your country, state, and BMA Theological Seminary Library.
  6. To find them within the app or online you must login to your Ebsco account. (Note: Your Ebsco account is not the same as the authorization username and password for BMATS students on Ebsco, it is an account with a password that you set up).